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NORDICCS - Nordic user driven competence centre for realisation of carbon capture and storage

A virtual Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) networking platform aiming for increased CCS deployment in the five Nordic countries.

The main objective of NORDICCS is to boost the deployment of CCS in the Nordic countries by creating a durable network of excellence integrating R&D capacities and relevant industry with the purpose to:  

  • Provide Nordic industry-driven leadership within CCS innovation and realization
  • Demonstrate how CCS can contribute to the Nordic portfolio of climate change mitigation options
  • Enable the Nordic countries to join forces to become pioneers in large-scale implementation of CCS
  • Multi-contextual focus to utilize Nordic differences for broad stakeholder and global relevance
  • Strengthen the competitive power of the region by combining capacities of the Nordic countries


Some of the concrete results of the centre’s activities will include:


  • Nordic CO2 storage atlas – web based geographic information system database (GIS) about possible
  • CO2 storage locations
  • Nordic CCS roadmap – a common vision of strategies for implementation of large-scale CCS
  • Provision of CCS knowledge basis for the decision makers 
  • Communication of CCS to general public and stakeholders 
  • Coordination of industry case studies 
  • Investigation of opportunities for economically viable solutions
  • CO2 emission database for Nordic countries 
  • Recommendations on CO2 transport solutions for the Nordic countries

Several scientific milestones have been achieved in the project, including a Nordic Roadmap for CCS implementation and a comprehensive mapping of the carbon storage possibilities throughout the Nordic countries. The mapping allows for uniformed cross-country comparison of carbon storage sitesand thus provides a solid base for assessing the potential of storage sites across the Nordic countries.


More information


Read about NORDICCS' main results

Visit the NORDICCS website


Participating organisations



In addition there is an extended partner group, which includes research institutes, NGOs and industry.


Project leaders


Niels A. Røkke, Vice President Climate Technologies SINTEF

SINTEF Energy Research, Norge

+47 735 97 200


Rune Aarlien, Senior Project Manager

SINTEF Energy Research, Norge

+47 930 08 902


Project participants


  • Nils A. Røkke, SINTEF Energy Research, Norway
  • Rune Aarlien, SINTEF Energy Research, Norway
  • Per Bergmo, SINTEF Petroleum Research, Norway
  • Olav Bolland, NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
  • Hans. A. Haugen, Tel-Tek, Norway
  • Per Aagard, University of Oslo, Norway
  • Matti Nieminen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland
  • Filip Johnsson, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
  • Peter Stigson, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institution, Sweden
  • Karen L. Anthonsen, GEUS, Danmark
  • Gry M. Mortensen, Geological Survey of Sweden, Sweden
  • Sigurður Reynir Gíslason, University of Iceland, Iceland
  • Bjørn Berger, Statoil Petroleum AS, Norway
  • Thorbjørn Svendsen, Gassco, Norway
  • Per Brevik, Norcem AS, Norway
  • Edda Sif Aradóttir, Reykjavik Energy, Iceland
  • Christian Bernstone, Vattenfall, Sweden
  • Olav F. Pedersen, TCM DA, Norge
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Contact person

Programme Secretary

Natalia Glette, Nordic Innovation


Phone: +47 410 45 211