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CSS in a Nordic Renewable Energy Scenario

The study looked at the full energy and emissions picture, to estimate the future role of CCS in making the Nordic region climate neutral in 2050.

As a basis for the scenarios, both historic emissions and 2020 plans were considered, with a view on realism in meeting targets in the various areas of energy use. Stakeholders in each Nordic country were interviewed. 


From a decision-making perspective, it may well be faster and safer to install CCS at large sources, instead of waiting for many individuals to change their car and heating system. 


The scenarios show that bio-CCS (negative emissions) could play a marginal, but important role – allowing some fossil fuels in the energy mix.


More information


Read the report on CCS in a Nordic Renewable Energy Scenario


Participating organisations



Project leader


Karen Sund, Partner
Sund Energy, Norway

+47 917 86 928


Project participants


  • Kuei-Jung Li, Sund Energy, USA
  • Per Arne Nilsson, Panaware AB, Sweden
  • Harry Anton, Sund Energy, Finland
  • Egil Råstad, Sund Energy, Norway
  • Dragos Talvescu, Sund Energy, Norway
  • Daniel Rees, TNS Gallup, Norway
  • Hanne Berg Cortesi, Struttura informatica S.r.l., Italy
  • Bjørn Olsrud Utgård, The Bellona Foundation, Norway
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Contact person

Programme Secretary

Natalia Glette, Nordic Innovation


Phone: +47 410 45 211