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Sustainable biofuels

Bio-energy can contribute to decreased reliance on fossil fuels, improved energy security and decreased CO2 emissions, and simultaneously provide new business and employment opportunities and be a driver in rural and regional development.

There are some concerns about the sustainability of the current bio-energy policy. This necessitates a general development regarding raw materials and production and use of traditional bio-energy, but also concerted efforts in development of new approaches, concepts and technologies regarding future bio-energy solutions.


The objective of the sub-programme is to promote the development of new, innovative and sustainable forms of bio-energy, as well as to enhance the development of Nordic R&D institutions and businesses within the bio-energy field.

The focus in this sub-programme will be placed on Nordic user-driven research projects and the following will
be addressed:


  • feed-stocks: lignocellulose biomass from forests and agriculture including residues and by-products
  • processes: bio-ethanol production and thermal, chemical and/or biological gasification
  • end products: bio-based fuels (liquid or gas) for the transport sector

The sub-programme launces a call in October 2009.
There is a two stage applicationprocedure, where the overall ambitionis to find and finance collaborative integrated research projects focusing on technological bottlenecks and exploring new opportunities leading to innovative break-through technologies.


The budget for the programme is approximately 30 MNOK over five years.



Contact person

Programme Secretary

Inger Karni, Nordic Energy Research


Phone: +47 9548 0329