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Call: phase 2

Phase 2 of the call for proposals is now open for selected and invited pre-applications. The deadline for the full applications is March 15, 2010.

The first phase of the call for proposals in the sub-programme Sustainable Bio-fuels closed December 15, 2009. By that date, the sub-programme received a total of 31 pre-applications requesting NOK 244 million.

The Programme Committee has now evaluated all the pre-applications and decided to invite ten pre-applications to the second phase with complete applications.

The Programme Committee is fully aware that many good Phase 1 applications have not made it to Phase 2.

Phase 2 is only open to the ten selected pre-applications.

These applications apply for NOK 87 million and have the following acronyms:


  • BioEng
  • HGBiofuels
  • HiSG-BioDME
  • Lignostella
  • Phased B
  • SusBioFuel
  • Susencro

The second phase of the call is naturally based on the original call text.

The full application should be filled in online here


The deadline for the full applications is March 15, 2010.



Contact person

Programme Secretary

Inger Karni, Nordic Energy Research


Phone: +47 9548 0329