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Overall objective: To identify and pursue solutions to offshore HVDC grids and their functionality as means of integrating large amounts of offshore wind power.

Offshore DC - DC grids for integration of large scale wind power


Project summary


The overall objective of the project is to identify and pursue solutions to offshore HVDC grids and their functionality as means of integrating large amounts of offshore wind power. The OffshoreDC project studies the techno-economic challenges related to assessment of the value and use of optimisation in the design of offshore grids, as well as the technical challenges related to control, protection and provision of ancillary services from HVDC grids with connected wind power plants. Finally, the transients in the DC grids are studied in the project. Six PhD students and one postdoctoral fellow are (partially) funded by the projects, emphasizing the acute need of knowledge development in a very complex subject such as offshore HVDC grids, with challenges spanning time scales going from fractions of milliseconds (electromagnetic transients) to several hours and days (electricity market).


The OffshoreDC consortium is developing and sharing knowledge spanning theoretical issues such as understanding and modelling the components of offshore HVDC grids, such as converters, where a broad band model, coupled with realistic control systems are crucial in trying to develop a comprehensive picture of the transient behavior of an offshore HVDC grid. Advanced concepts such as passivity and net damping have been used to study the offshore grid stability in frequency domain. Furthermore, solutions to issues such as provision of power oscillation damping from HVDC connected wind power plants have been developed and are being tested in laboratory environments. A methodology for optimally designing an offshore grid is being developed in the project, combining in an iterative manner grid topology optimization tool with a unit commitment and dispatch model, doubled by an analysis of the steady-state security of the in dedicated power system software such as PSS/E.


The dissemination of the results is done permanently, through the series of public workshops organized in the Nordic countries (Norway 2011, Sweden 2012, Denmark 2013 and Finland 2014) and through scientific publications and presentations in important international conferences and events. 


More information


Check the OffshoreDC website

See a list of  OffshoreDC publications


Project duration: 2011-2016

TFI funding: 11.05 MNOK (59.8% of total budget)

Total budget: 18.47 MNOK


Participating organisations

Project leader


Nicolaos Cutululis

DTU Wind Energy, Denmark

+45 2132 4965


Project participants


  • Nicolaos A. Cutululis, DTU Wind Energy, Denmark
  • Joachim Holbøll, DTU Electrical Engineering, Denmark
  • Remus Teodorescu, Aalborg University - IET, Denmark
  • Troels Stybe Sørensen, DONG Energy, Denmark
  • Torsten Lund,, Denmark
  • Ola Carlson, Chalmers, Sweden
  • Liliana Arevalo, ABB AB, Sweden
  • Kjetil Uhlen, SINTEF/NTNU, Norway
  • Sanna Uski-Joutsenvuo, VTT, Finland
  • Tarjei Midtsund, Statnett, Norway
Contact person

Programme Secretary

Inger Strand Karni, Nordic Energy Research

Phone: +47 954 80 329