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NANORDSUN - Semiconductor nanowire based solar cells

A consortium focusing on finding the most energy efficient semiconductor nanowire solar cells with an optimum design solution for low cost.

Today Si is the dominating solar material with a market share of about 90% and typical efficiencies of 20%. However, the cost per kWh is still higher than other competing energy sources, which hinders its use as a major source of clean renewable energy.


In view that silicon nanowire solar cells have been shown to exhibit efficient light trapping that consequently enables silicon nanowire solar cells to use only about 1 per cent of the material used in equivalent thin-film silicon solar cells, NANORDSUN’s aim is to focus on the research and development of low-cost and hihgly-efficient III-V semiconductor core-shell radial p-n junction nanowire solar cells.


Result summary


NANORDSUN's first fully processed and tested core-shell nanowire array solar cell have been fabricated showing an efficiency of 5.3 %. This is a very encouraging result considering the complexity of the processed structure with a non-optimized design.


Future nanowire photovoltaics research based on the NANORDSUN project should primarily follow two courses. Firstly, to continue working towards nanowire structures, with the intention of growing them on silicon or something even cheaper like graphene or glass. Secondly, to further explore ways of greatly reducing tool and substrate cost for high volume production of single junction nanowires of device quality.


More information


Visit the NANORDSUN website


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Participating organisations



Project leader

Helge Weman, Professor

NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

+47 918 97 658


Project participants


Helge Weman, Professor

NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway


Lars Samuelson, Professor

Nanometer Structure Consortium

Lund University, Sweden


Harri Lipsanen, Professor

Department of Micro and Nanosciences

Aalto University School of Science and Technology, Finland


Srinivasan Anand, Professor

School of Information and Communication Technology

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden


Dr. Martin Magnusson

Sol Voltaics AB, Sweden


Dr. Babak Heidari

Obducat Technologies AB, Sweden

Contact person

Programme Secretary

Natalia Glette, Nordic Innovation


Phone: +47 410 45 211