Coherent control of electronic charge at a nanometer scale is the

primary challenge in quest for energy-efficient electronics. The network aims at making important steps towards that goal by combining expertise in time-dependent many-particle quantum mechanics and in nanoscale electronic devices such as variants of graphene. 


The efforts give theoretical support to the emergence of "attosecond science", where novel light sources and laser facilities across the word are used to probe dynamics in the natural electronic time scale. 


The network comprises research groups in all five nordic countries and supports active and informal interaction and mobility between researchers.


More information


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Project leader


Esa Räsänen, Professor

Department of Physics

Tampere University of Technology, Finland

+358 50 3013 386


Project participants


Eva Lindroth, Professor

Department of Physics, 

Stockholm University, Sweden


Jan Petter Hansen, Professor

Department of Physics and Technology,

University of Bergen, Norway


Lars Bojer Madsen, Professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy,

Aarhus University, Denmark


Vidar Gudmundsson, Professor

Science Institute 

University of Iceland, Iceland

Contact person

Programme Secretary

Natalia Glette, Nordic Innovation


Phone: +47 410 45 211