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Energy efficiency with nanotechnology

The future carbon-free energy infrastructure is supposed to consist of a combination of distributed renewable generation, large central power plants as well as efficient end-use technologies. Smart grids with energy storage are needed for the distributed generation and high voltage long distance transmission lines for the central generation.

New capabilities for the processing and control of nanoand

micro-sized particles and structures make it possible

to develop new or improved sustainable, energy-efficient



The overall scope of the sub-program is to improve the

efficiency of future sustainable energy systems by applying

nanotechnology to the transport sector, energy conversion

and energy use. Significant value added is expected from this

Nordic cooperation by:


• Facilitating user-driven development of sustainable energy

solutions enabled by nanotechnology approaches for



• Enhancing Nordic cooperation and augmenting societyindustry-

academia interaction and international

Contact person

Programme Secretary

Natalia Glette, Nordic Innovation


Phone: +47 410 45 211