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Effect studies and adaptation to climate change

The sub-programme «Effect Studies and Adaptation to Climate Change» aims to improve knowledge about the effects of climate change, about the adaptation capacities of society, and about the risks and opportunities that the effects of climate change may bring to the Nordic region.

Two calls have been launched within the sub-programme.

 A call for Nordic Networks was launched in August 2009. A Nordic Network shall contribute to improving our knowledge about the effects of climate change, focusing on how we can adapt to these in the future.

Ten such networks are funded within the sub-programme. The networks bring together prominent research groups from at least three Nordic countries in order to strengthen and increase the quality of research and research training at the Nordic, European and international level. Several of the networks are interdisciplinary and involve participants from industry, policy makers and societal actors. Each network receives up to 300,000 NOK per year for three years.

A call for Nordic Centres of Excellence (NCoE) was launched in December 2009. The main objective of a NCoE is to create added value through Nordic cooperation and further increase the visibility and the scientific quality of Nordic research. The total budget of the call was approximately 90 MNOK. The call was divided into two stages, and the deadlines for step 1 and 2 were 3 March and 17 June 2010, respectively. 

Based on the evaluations of an international panel of experts, the Nordic Programme Committee has decided to fund three Nordic Centres of Excellence.

Contact person

Programme Secretary

Jostein K. Sundet, NordForsk

Phone: +47 996 01 848