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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Top-level Research Initiative?


The Top-level Research Initiative (TRI) is the largest joint Nordic research and innovation initiative to date. The subject areas of the initiative are climate, energy and the environment.


The Top-lebel Research Initiative will involve various Nordic organisations and national institutions.


The initiative includes the following thematic sub-programmes:



Within the framework of these six themes, the initiative will also include:


  • Advanced climate modelling
  • Social sciences and humanities
  • A focus on the Arctic area


How is the initiative organised?


A Management Board of 15 representatives from all Nordic countries has been established for the initiative. Members of the Board represent public financing bodies for research and innovation, as well as the private sector. The Chair of the Management Board is Rolf Annerberg, Director General of FORMAS.


The Board has appointed programme committees for the six different sub-programmes.


The three Nordic institutions of NordForsk, Nordic Innovation and Nordic Energy Research act as the Secretariat for the initiative, contributing their combined competencies in the fields of research, innovation, technology and energy.


The three institutions are all under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers.


When and how was TRI initiated?


The Nordic Prime Ministers gathered at Riksgränsen in 2008, discussing how the Nordic countries can meet the future challenges in the areas of climate, energy and the environment.


The Riksgränsen Declaration (2008):

The Nordic Region is in a strong position to pioneer work on combating climate change. We will therefore intensify Nordic cooperation and promote initiatives striving to ensure that a new international climate agreement is reached in 2009. A sustainable Nordic model for meeting climate challenges will demonstrate the potential for combining reduced emissions with economic growth.


For how long does the initiative last?

The Top-level Research Initiative is a five year initiative, carried out in the period 2009-2013. Announcement of the first calls started in the autumn of 2009.


What are the aims of the Top-level Research Initiative?


The Top-level Research Initiative will assist in:

  • Profiling the Nordic region as a leader within certain areas of the energy and climate sectors.
  • Strengthening national research and innovation systems.
  • Creating larger professional communities which extend across borders and pave the way for greater mobility of competencies.
  • Ensuring the highest quality in research and innovation by combining the strongest Nordic communities.
  • Providing a platform for increased international cooperation both within the EU and beyond.
  • Enhancing Nordic participation in EU programmes.
  • Strengthening Nordic competitiveness by using research and innovation to counter economic downturns.

What is the budget of the Top-level Research Initiative?


The budget is DKK 400 million over five years.