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Torben R. Christensen published in Nature

Professor Torben R. Christensen of Lund University has had an article published in the most recent issue of Nature. Professor Christensen is a project leader and head of the Nordic Centre of Excellence DEFROST under the Top-level Research Initiative and NordForsk.
Torben R. Christensen published in Nature

Professor Torben R. Christensen. Photo: Terje Heiestad

In his article, Understand Arctic methane uncertainty, Professor Christensen explains why it crucial to expand the monitoring of the variability of methane emissions into the atmosphere from land and sea (methane fluxes) in order to gain greater insight into the relationship between methane emissions and climate change.


He encourages everyone who is concerned with climate change in the Arctic to apply a wider perspective in order to improve their understanding of how methane affects the global climate.


The DEFROST centre is the largest project under the “Interactions between climate change and the cryosphere” sub-programme, and carries out research on the dramatic changes in the Arctic cryosphere in recent years.


Professor Christensen’s article in its entirety.


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