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The Nordic Top-level Research Initiative Flagship Conference in Stockholm, 18-19 November

The Nordic Top-level Research Initiative's final conference takes place in Stockholm on 18 and 19 November 2014, lunch to lunch.

Among the speakers, you will find the Secretary General Dagfinn Høybråten from the Nordic Council of Ministers, who will be giving the opening speech at the conference. In addition, we are happy to welcome the newly appointed Swedish Minister for Nordic Cooperation, Kristina Persson, to give a speech on “Green Growth in the Nordic Region”.


18 November 2014 - Lessons learned from the TRI. What came of it all?


Learn about the exiting research results created by the six sub-programmes. New and improved Nordic technologies, climate models, networks and roadmaps were created during this initiative. Connect with Nordic project partners from academia and industry.


19 November 2014 - Is society ready for a green future

Bio-economy provides new working methods to the global challenges that decreasing natural resources and climate change bring about. This day will take us to the green future and provide views on how society needs to change e.g. infrastructures, and how the mindset of the consumer needs to adapt to the new order of bio-economy.


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Time: 18-19 November 2014 - lunch to lunch

Place: Nordic Light Hotel, Stockholm (next to the Arlanda Express downtown)

Limited number of seats: The venue holds 180 people, so be sure to sign up for your seat!

Participation and dinner: Free of charge!


Accommodation: Accommodation is paid for members of the Top-level Research Initiative. Delegates are booked at either Nordic Light or Nordic C Hotel. Other guests benefit from a special rate pr. night at Nordic C Hotel. All you need to do is sign up, and we will make sure the reservation is set up for you.


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For more information on the conference, please contact Communications Manager Kalle Bartholin-Nielsen, +47 902 29 155.




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