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New book about the Top-level Reseach Initiative

The Nordic Top-level Research Initiative is the largest Nordic research and innovation venture to date. The new book "Solving the Climate Crisis - a Nordic Contribution" presents results, interviews and an overiew of this Nordic initiative's contributions towards solving the global climate challenges.

The Nordic Top-level Research Initiative (TRI) within climate, energy and the environment was launched by the five Nordic Prime Ministers in 2007, with the aim of contributing to the global knowledge base within climate-related challenges.

Expectations were high from the outset, and by the end of the programme period we are seeing that the initiative has produced important scientific results and created a new Nordic and international platform for cooperation on research and innovation.

During the NordForsk anniversary conference in Oslo last month, Jason D. Whittington, Scientific Director of one of the TRI's Nordic Centres of Excellence, NCoE NorMER, spoke with great enthusiasm about the Nordic network that has developed among the participants: “A new generation of researchers now believes that this is how science is done – the added value will come over the next decades, as they continue with their careers.”

In this new book, "Solving the Climate Crisis - a Nordic Contribution", you can read more about the results of the Top-level Research Initiative. You will find a compilation of numerous interviews in which decision-makers and researchers alike express great enthusiasm about the results obtained through the TRI.


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Text: Lisa H. Ekli