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Call for support to Networks in the area of ”Energy Efficiency with Nanotechnology - situation beyond 2020

The Top-level Research Initiative have launched a call for support to Networks in the area of ”Energy Efficiency with Nanotechnology – situation beyond 2020”

The Top-level Research Initiative (TRI) is the largest joint Nordic research and innovation initiative to date. The initiative is a Nordic contribution towards solving the global climate crisis and energy challenges and intends to promote research and innovation within the region. The TRI was conceived at the Nordic Prime Ministers’ summit in June 2007 in Punkaharju, Finland. For more information, see :


The research and innovation activities in the Top-level Research Initiative are organised through six different sub-programmes:

  1. Effect studies and adaption to climate change
  2. Climate change and interaction with the cryosphere
  3. Nano technology and energy efficiency
  4. Integration of large-scale wind power
  5. Sustainable bioenergy
  6. Carbon capture and storage


The sub-programme “Energy Efficiency with Nanotechnology”

New capabilities for the processing and control of nano and micro-sized particles and structures make it possible to develop new or improved sustainable, energy-efficient technologies.


The overall scope of the sub-programme is to improve the efficiency of future sustainable energy systems by applying nanotechnology to the transport sector, energy conversion and energy use. Significant value added is expected from this Nordic cooperation by:

  • Facilitating user-driven development of sustainable energy solutions enabled by nanotechnology approaches for commercialisation;
  • Enhancing Nordic cooperation and augmenting society-industry-academia interaction and international involvement.


Four projects received a total of NOK 48 million in funding from the sub-programme. Total budget of the projects is NOK 110 million. The projects run for three years from 2010 until 2014.


Networks – main focus

The main issue for the networks is how to develop the best energy efficient nanomaterials by using unique Nordic know-how. The networks should serve as forum for ideas that will create something new. The main focus of the networks is innovation in the Nordic region and competiveness of the region. Nordic funding of such networks can support Nordic impact in Horizon 2020.


The networks will look for solutions on how to commercialize nanotechnology in the early stage of development where standards, capabilities and trust in the new technological field are lacking.  The networks might include Nordic companies and help them to find out how to benefit from the new opportunities offered by nanotechnology and compete on the worldwide market.


Networks should be cross-disciplined; also non-technological networks with societal aspect are welcome to apply.


Formal kick-off for the networks will take place 21.-22. November in Copenhagen during the Top-Level Research Initiative workshop on “Energy efficiency with Nanotechnology” and “Integration of large-scale wind power”.


Support scheme – Nordic networks

The sub-program has allocated 1,3 MNOK for this call with up to NOK 300 000 funding per network.

A Nordic network is a flexible scheme to strengthen collaboration between Nordic researchers and industry representatives. A network can fulfil different aims such as:

  • Create new constellations and co-operation platforms enhancing information exchange and transfer of knowledge between different stakeholders, such as researchers, business and policy makers.
  • Optimise joint Nordic use of research and innovation infrastructure.
  • Facilitate implementation of existing knowhow in society.

The network grant is limited to cover direct costs for various forms of co-operation. The duration of the networks can vary from 1-2 years. The amount of funding should correspond to the number of network participants and the type of planned activities. The network scheme is a flexible grant for covering direct costs for various forms of co-operation such workshops, conferences and seminars, including direct administrative costs (max 10% of the grant). The funding cannot be spent on salaries, equipment, publications, taxes, overhead and similar costs.

Other formal requirements

  • The proposed networks must have participants from at least three of the five Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden).
  • Senior researchers/personnel must have leading roles in the projects.
  • The formal applicant must represent a Nordic organisation (university/institution/company) with a responsible person mentioned by name.
  • The distribution of tasks/responsibilities between the networks partners must be appropriate and balanced.


Application process and timelines

The application form will be available on The timetable for the call is shown in the table below:

Call opened – invitation for proposals for networks


Deadline for submitting proposals


Deadline for selection of networks for funding


Networks start

Autumn 2013


Evaluation criteria

The evaluation criteria for Nordic network in this call are listed below:

  • Relevance of the proposals in relation to the call for networks and call specific criteria.
  • Quality of network activity plan.
  • Strength of applicants.
  • Degree of collaboration academia-industry and feasibility of achieving synergies and innovative-, economic or scientific benefits.
  • Nordic added value.
  • Potential impact of the network.
  • Potential for constructive co-operation that can extend beyond the period of financing.
  • Dissemination and implementation: communication plans and possible involvement of stakeholders outside the network.
  • Budget. Is the proposed level of funding appropriate for the planned activities?



  • Updated action plan after the first network meeting
  • A short ½ A4 article about the network in the beginning and in the end of the project
  • Short mid-term status and financial report
  • Final administrative and financial reports



Further information about the call can be obtained from the TFI Secretariat:

Natalia Glette, Senior innovation adviser, Nordic Innovation,,        tel. +47  41045211